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Zimmermann has been in Spain since 1993, as an exporter of all kinds of Mediterranean plants, our offices are located in
Jávea on the "Costa Blanca", within the Valencian Community .

Since then and until today we have grown to become a leading company for exporting plants and with great logistics in general that works in Spain and internationally around the world.

Our experience has grown from our beginnings, fruit of work, perseverance and commitment in search of new products to offer our customers the highest quality.

Due to our direct contact with more than 80 nurseries, on the mainland and in the Canary Islands, we can supply the customer with a wide range of first-class and in the best time.

“Our commitment to the customer”

Zimmermann Plantas y Logística has been in Spain since 1993 and we export all kinds of Mediterranean plants.

- Direct on-site contact with over 80 companies on the mainland and the Canary Islands.

- Purchasing the plants and organizing the transport according to the customer's fixed delivery times.

- Picking / bundling of plants from all over Spain (including the Canary Islands)

- Preparation of goods

- Price labeling with EAN code and other special labeling according to customer specifications

Jessica Zimmermann <br><span>Geschäftsführung</span>

Jessica Zimmermann


Quentin Zimmermann <br><span>Logistik & Warenbeschaffung Vertrieb</span>

Quentin Zimmermann
Logistik & Warenbeschaffung Vertrieb


Santiago Montagud <br><span>Logistik & Warenbeschaffung Vertrieb</span>

Santiago Montagud
Logistik & Warenbeschaffung Vertrieb


Nikole Roig <br><span>Verwaltung & Vertrieb</span>

Nikole Roig
Verwaltung & Vertrieb


Roberto Puig <br><span>Verwaltung & Vertrieb</span>

Roberto Puig
Verwaltung & Vertrieb



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Os presentamos a nuestro compañero Quentin Zimmermann. Es quién se encarga de la logística en nuestra empresa entre otras. · · · #zimmermann #zimmermannplantas #plantasjavea #plantas #exportacion #exportaciondeplantas #importacion #importaciondeplantas #logistica #equipo #producto #viveros #floor



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Os presentamos a nuestro compañero Santiago Montagud. Es quién se encarga de la logística en nuestra empresa entre otras. · · · #zimmermann #zimmermannplantas #plantasjavea #plantas #exportacion #exportaciondeplantas #importacion #importaciondeplantas #logistica #equipo #producto #viveros #floor



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Os presentamos a Jessica Zimmermann. Nuestra C.E.O y quién lleva a todo el equipo humano de Zimmermannsl Plantas & Logística. · · · #zimmermann #zimmermannplantas #plantasjavea #exportacion #importacion #importaciondeplantas #logistica #equipo #producto #calidad #production



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