Nerium Oleander

(Oleander, Laurier rose, Nerium, Oleandro, Adelfa, Baladre, etc)

The Nerium Oleander is an evergreen bush with generous and exuberating flowering. Generally branched starting from the bottom, it is also produced as standards. It can reach a height over 3m and adapts itself well to the cultivation in pots.

The leaves are spear-shaped and of an intense green color. They also exist in a variegated type with yellow tones. It flowers from the end of March until the end of the summer. The flowers can be simple or double and of many tones of colors from: pink, red, white, yellow and cream.

Even though it prefers the full sun and exterior, it is a very rustic plant. The cold-resistance varies and there are many factors that play a role; the duration of the freezing, vegetation state, variety, etc. It can vary between -3º C a 7º C even though some plants have been acclimated to very cold conditions which can reach -10º C. Anyhow the plants should be cold-protected and if necessary placed inside during the winter.

There are many different varieties, differentiating themselves through their rate of growth, cold-resistance, time and color of flowering.

In conclusion, the Nerium Oleander is a resistant, rustic plant and easy to take care of. It is ideal and essential to bring color and the Mediterranean character to your garden or terrace. In all its shapes, sizes and colors it will surely adapt to your decoration needs and create an optimum result.

Here are some examples of the numerous existing varieties

  • Pink
  • Double
    • Splendens giganteum. Intense double Pink.
    • Louis Pouguet. Light doble Pink.
  • Simple
    • Italia. Intense simple Pink.
    • Emile. Light simple Pink.
    • Alsace. Very light pink, Almost white.

Splendens giganteum


Louis Pouget







  • Red
  • Double
    • Geant des Batailles. Intense double Red
  • Simple
    • Dr. Golfin . Intense simple Red.
    • Emile Sahut. Intense simple Red.

Geant des Batailles


Emile sahut

  • Salmon
  • Double
    • Souvenir de Michel. Salmon
  • Simple
    • Pappa gambeta. Salmon
    • Titto Poggi. Salmon
    • Soleil levant. Salmon

Soleil levant

  • White
  • Double
    • Album plenum. Double White
  • Simple
    • Mont blanc. Double White

Mont Blanc

  • Yellow
  • Double
    • Luteum plenum. Double Yellow
  • Simple
    • Angiolo pucci. Simple Yellow-Aprikot.
    • Maria gambetta. Simple Yellow.

Luteum plenum


Angiolo Pocci