Nerium Oleander

Citrus trees, a colorful beauty

From the typical Orange tree, Lemon tree, Mandarin tree to the more ornamental varieties like the Kumquats and Limequats, the Citrus, for their character and beauty and especially their fruits and colors, have always been traditionally used for decorations in patios, terraces, cities, castles etc.. They adapt themselves to big pots and with the right caretaking decorate their surroundings.

Fig trees, one of the oldest crops

With its wide range of varieties, Fig trees bring an exotic flair to any environment. In addition, its capacity of fructification will reward you with delicious fruits in Summer/Autumn. Due to the leaves’ transpiration, the Fig tree’s water demand is quite high.

Pomegranate, desirable blossoms

The Pomegranate and its spectacular fruits, is a beautiful and authentic Mediterranean plant. It adapts itself easily and it’s deciduous leaves it makes it quite hardy.

Olive trees, an impressive appearance

Olive trees are truly unique. Every specimen has its own story. It is the master of Mediterranean plants. The Olive tree´s silver / green colored leaves make it an eye catcher in any surrounding.

Palm trees, the symbol of the South

Palm trees, with their many varieties and elegant presence, add an exotic touch to your garden. The heights of its stems make you look up at them and admire their presence.

Vine trees, visual and culinary highlight

Grapes and Vines are a world of their own. As ornamental plants, they are very characteristic with their old trunk, colorful leaves and fruits. This creates a warm atmosphere specially in hotels, restaurants, wine cellars etc…

Here are some examples of the previous varieties